Lets start with the small ones!

Hello and welcome to my first blog this is something I've never done before but thought it could be good fun and help you loverly lot learn about the wonderful world of First Aid

So lets teach the wonderful world of the interwebs about some Baby First Aid....

They're are quite a few reasons a baby may go unconscious and stop breathing- but usually from a blockage of the airway something I'm sure all parents are well aware of... but yet babies constantly put things in their mouths, lego, mud, dog food you name it and they will want to eat it- its what they do!

Now unfortunately some of this may get stuck in babies airway which I'm sure you imagine isn't ideal! They will be pretty upset, unable to cry, wont be able to breath and so may start to turn blue.

Time is of the essence here! as every second counts! and the joys of budget cuts and everything else an ambulance may be half an hour away!- now thats a scary thought!

Lets take a step back, lets picture the situation we have, baby is not breathing and going blue... parents what do you do? I bet 70-80% of you panic and get upset and rightly so!

10% try something ineffective and make it up and 10% have done some form of training and know what to do. Now although thats just a guess on percentages realistically I bet I'm not far off...

But now is your chance to change that from 80% to 79% and that 10% to 11%

-See if you can remove any obstructions

-Get someone to call 999 or do it yourself

-Put baby on their front holding them using your arm head pointing down- use gravity!

-with the heal of your hand hit baby between the shoulder blades up to 5 times

-If this doesn't work, have baby on their back and push into the centre of their chest with two fingers 5 times. Don't be afraid push pretty hard and sharp

-Flip them back onto their front and repeat the 5 back blows, 5 chest thrusts until the object comes out- keep trying it will come

-If baby becomes unconscious we need to start CPR pretty quickly to keep baby alive until help arrives, help should already be on its way by now if you've followed the steps above

- Lie baby flat on their back and start chest compressions by placing 2 fingers in the centre of baby's chest (we want to push down around 1 third of baby's chest at around 2 per second) do this 30 times

-Now give baby 2 breaths and continue chest compressions at a rate of 30 compressions : 2 breaths

-Keep going!

All sound pretty overwhelming? Scary!? I agree!

Any comments? Questions? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section!

Local to Frome? Why not come down on the 25th of October to the Frome Medical Centre where I will be holding some FREE First Aid Workshops where we can practice these skills, talk about them, ask questions and more importantly prepare you if it ever happens.

More info on that can be found here




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