Epipens and Anaphlaxis

So I went on holiday a few weeks ago and came back to the unfortunate news about a 15 year old girl who died on the plane after eating a sandwich.

The biggest thing about what happened was the fact the food packaging didn't state it had any sesame seeds which she was allergic to and there seems to be an investigation going on in regards to why it wasn't labelled properly etc

But anyway it seems there is a massive shortage of epipens and the 0.15 douses for children have completely ran out! How can we run out!? who knows! but I've been told it should be sorted by the end of the year- but its ok they have a plan in place! So the makers of Epipens have said you can still use them even though they are out of date up to 4months I believe.

Hopefully the food packaging is going to get a bit better after this and less people are going to be at risk and fingers crossed we can get those epipen supplies back or maybe more Emerade or Jext Autoinjectors are going to become more popular in the future.

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